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My story may sound familiar... 


I'm Joanna

Founder of Tara Alchemy

I used to be a very stressed out and extremely busy nurse, mother, and wife. I believed I had to keep everyone around me happy in order to feel good about myself, and that I had to conform to what mainstream society expected of a woman. I thought I had to do all this alone. 

As a result, I lived on autopilot and felt disconnected. I pushed through emotional, mental and physical discomfort, ignoring and suppressing any unpleasant feelings or painful sensations. My body was constantly stressed and in pain, my emotions were frazzled and easily triggered, mentally I was exhausted and anxious. This impacted each aspect of my life; my relationships, my parenting, my job, my ability to live the life I wanted. 

LIKE You, I ACHED FOR change

It took me several years to learn to listen to my whole self, to understand that my inner compass was pointing me towards the field of life coaching. 

wayfinder Life Coaching: Where Science and the Spiritual Meet 

I believe in balance, which is why my background focuses on both scientific and spiritual training. I am trained by Martha Beck Inc. as a Wayfinder Life Coach and by Thomas Hubl in Conscious Healing. I am also a Registered Nurse with more than 20 years of experience, a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Meditation Facilitator. 

"In the waVEs of change, we find ouR true direction"

- unknown

  • What is 1:1 Coaching?
    In our coaching sessions we’ll discover: • Where are you now in your life? • Where do you want to go? • How do you see yourself in this world? • What core issues are holding you back? • How can you let go of that which prevents you from achieving your goals? These insights reveal new connections to yourself and those around you, as you align your mind, body, and soul to create lasting changes. This transformative journey is filled with intuitive and holistic guidance, compassion, playfulness, and action. You will learn tools to embed into your life and work. These practices hold the magic and potential for the change you seek to achieve.
  • What is it like to work with a life coach?
    There are many different types of coaches. As a Wayfinder Life Coach, we’ll use simple and impactful tools to rediscover and harness your unique strengths, values and passions. This is the blueprint to your purpose and calling. Working together, we’ll discover your inner answers. I will never tell you what to do. The journey is yours to uncover and create. Instead, you’ll learn practices and tools that you can use on your own at any point in your life, and for as long as you choose. While the journey is yours, you’re never alone. You’ll receive regular support especially when challenges arise.
  • What makes Tara Alchemy different?
    The balance of pragmatic, science-based methods from nursing, neuroscience, psychology and sociology combined with the alchemy of mystical traditions is unique in coaching. The most vital ingredient, though, is your own inner wisdom (your inner compass) which we’ll access through instinctive intuition, discernment and “follow your freedom” feelings. As Martha Beck calls it, “Wayfinder Life Coaching is where Harvard meets Hogwarts.”
  • What is Wayfinder Life Coaching?
    Ancient navigators once charted courses through the Pacific Islands using their ability to “sense” the patterns of the ocean. According to my mentor and teacher Martha Beck, “The job of the Wayfinder, whether an ancient oracle or a modern scientific theorist, is to reach beyond current human knowledge into the realm of the unimagined and bring back something true and useful.” As a Wayfinder Life Coach, I feel a deep connection to this way of charting the course of life. I’ll accompany you on your path as you reclaim your inner compass to chart your way and navigate through the complex and sacred world.
  • What is the Difference Between Life Coaching & Therapy?
    While a therapist helps unwell people become mentally healthy, a life coach works with people who are mentally well to help them reach their full potential and their desired lives. This often includes: • Examining patterns in life • Clarifying values and overcoming obstacles • Refining what you really want • Identifying a plan of action to achieve your goals. As a life coach, I may ask you questions about your past or your family history to better understand what is important to you. As we work together, I focus more on the present and future to move towards the life you desire.
  • What Life Coaching is NOT!
    Life coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy or any other mental healthcare, legal counsel or medical advice.

Challenges are part of life, but together, you’ll learn to creatively navigate them, knowing that life is not about perfection; it is about progress and the joy of living it. 

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Create your own journey and schedule your free discovery call. 

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