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My story may sound familiar... 


I'm Joanna

Founder of Tara Alchemy

I used to be a very stressed out and extremely busy nurse, mother, and wife. I believed I had to keep everyone around me happy in order to feel good about myself, and that I had to conform to what mainstream society expected of a woman. I thought I had to do all this alone. 

As a result, I lived on autopilot and felt disconnected. I pushed through emotional, mental and physical discomfort, ignoring and suppressing any unpleasant feelings or painful sensations. My body was constantly stressed and in pain, my emotions were frazzled and easily triggered, mentally I was exhausted and anxious. This impacted each aspect of my life; my relationships, my parenting, my job, my ability to live the life I wanted. 

LIKE You, I ACHED FOR change

It took me several years to learn to listen to my whole self, to understand that my inner compass was pointing me towards the field of life coaching. 

wayfinder Life Coaching: Where Science and the Spiritual Meet 

I believe in balance, which is why my background focuses on both scientific and spiritual training. I am trained by Martha Beck Inc. as a Wayfinder Life Coach and by Thomas Hubl in Conscious Healing. I am also a Registered Nurse with more than 20 years of experience, a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Meditation Facilitator. 

"In the waVEs of change, we find ouR true direction"

- unknown

Challenges are part of life, but together, you’ll learn to creatively navigate them, knowing that life is not about perfection; it is about progress and the joy of living it. 

I invite you to explore these  frequently asked questions


Create your own journey and schedule your free discovery call. 

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